Meet Our Friends



Don't miss LIVE with the Upsidedown Pineapples every Wednesday Night at 8ish and from lifestyle events worldwide

The Private Affair

Come to TPA and visit the Kim'onna Shop inside.  TPA offers a unique and exciting night club atmosphere where couples, single ladies, and select single gentlemen can meet and socialize in a clean, safe & relaxing environment.

The Paradise Club

You can find the Kim'onna Pop-Up Shop multiple times a year at the Paradise Club.  Located in the Pocono Mountain Area, The Paradise Club offers couples and single females a safe, comfortable and enjoyable party experience every other weekend.  

Pineapple Palooza

Years in the making the Pineapple Palooza is the can't miss complete hotel takeover of the year.

Dem Girls

Stop into the Kim'onna Shop at TPA or any of the Kim'onna Pop-Up Shops and meet Dem Girls. 
Dem Girls is an awesome group of ladies from all walks within the lifestyle that represent USDPnation.  
Dem Girls are often imitated but never duplicated, everyday they show why they are the original and the true epitome of You Do You Boo.